3 Things No One Tells You About Toddler-hood

While these two are the cutest things on planet earth to us, they are also the biggest tornadoes. I feel like so much time was spent on prepping us for having a newborn that I wasn't ready for Mila or Noah to enter into toddler-hood. There are so many things I wish more moms would share, but that's what I'm here for right? To share things I wish other people would have shared with me! 

1. There is SO much attitude. 

When they say threenager they really mean toddlernager because once they learn to talk the attitude, and sass just comes rollin off their tongue. I had some sense that Mila was going to give me a run for my money, but was not fully prepared for her to try and parent me. One day I was getting mad at her for something I really can't remember what it was, but most likely for Mila to clean her room, she told me "Mom, remember, I told you not to get mad at me. I just need a break." I was so in shock and wanted to laugh that I just walked out of the room. They also repeat everything you say, so watch what you say! 

2. Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT leave them alone. 

There is no such thing as a quiet toddler if they are quiet 9/10 they're doing something bad or making a huge mess. My apartment isn't huge, and I am usually in the living room but Mila has a restroom that connects to her door. I cannot tell you how many times I've made the mistake of noticing how quiet they were a little too late, and how many rolls of toilet paper and toys have gone into that poor toilet. Even when I take Mila to my mom's house, her and Noah sneak their way up the stairs and always end up in my sister's paints. 

My poor mom has it a little worse than I do. My brother, Noah, has dumped out all of her makeup remover, gone upstairs and dumped a bottle of Tobasco sauce on my sister's bed, repainted the carpet with paints, cut up 2 chairs, and the list goes on. 

3. It's Hard To Get Mad At Them

Don't get me wrong I've doled out my fair share of punishments, but they're just so cute that it's hard to for me to stay mad at them. I think that's their saving grace, they're so darn cute. They get really good at apologizing too, in fact, I think Mila has mastered it. They just get so curious about everything, I forget that it's so new to them. 

That's the thing, the world is so new to them, they're just trying to figure it out. Toddlers are a lot smarter than we give them credit for, and since there is still not a lot of fear of the world around them they run into everything head first. I always try to go into things with the same amount of confidence Mila in a lot of things that I do. Toddler-hood doesn't last very long, and it's not long before they're off to school, so enjoy it. All of it. All of the sass, the mess, and the tantrums. They really have a way of teaching you new things, and showing you how to sit back and wonder about the world around you. While it's not as sleep depriving as baby-hood was, it has it's own up's & downs! 

Mila & Noah's matching bows are from Johnny & Tate!