At Home Virtual Learning Space For My Kindergartener

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Living through 2020 has to be probably one of the most complicated times to live through. Add being a parent into the mix and sometimes it can feel surreal. Since we are homeschooling Mila this year I wanted to give her a space in our office where she can learn and be creative. We are doing a mix of some virtual classes and activities this school year but it feels so relieving not to be at the mercy of a school district when it comes to my child's health. Every parent in America is making the best decisions they can based on their family's needs. 

Mila's desk area needed to have storage, and the storage needed to be out of the way from our toddler Bella. Bella has recently gone on a wall drawing rampage, so we want to avoid having any other disasters! We also didn't budget for decor for a new space, so we needed to get creative with how we created this space. 

We bought this desk more than a year ago, and when we bought our new desk I was going to turn it into a vanity or sell it. I'm glad I hung on to it because it works perfectly for Mila! We found the storage bin shelf at IKEA and it came out to less than $45. We will eventually mount the shelves on the wall but for now, it works having all of Mila's supplies right in front of her. I still need to add the labels but I can't seem to settle on a font lol! 

I really wanted to make a space where Mila can focus but that also fosters creativity. Since she's in our home office I wanted to keep the decor relatively the same, but make it known that this space belongs to her. Piccolina kids sent us some amazing goodies like the art you see hanging from the wall. 

Piccolina is a new mission-driving lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering today's young girls to become tomorrow's trailblazers and problem solvers. I really fell in love with all of their products because the brand overall is so empowering and I love being able to inspire my little ones with art! The shirt Mila is wearing is also from Piccolina. They currently have a new line to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote.


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