Mila’s Top Back To School Picks

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart, however, the opinions expressed below are my own true opinions. 

This summer went by in a blink of an eye, but that doesn’t mean going back to school has to be boring! Since we decided homeschooling made the most sense for our family this year, I am letting Mila explore her style and express herself without having to worry about school dress codes or uniforms! Mila’s style actually really surprised me, and I can’t wait to share her back to school picks.

Trendy kid meets Totally 90’s 

Mila is totally obsessed with unicorns and tie-die so when she found this T-shirt dress I knew it was a perfect match! She picked a really cute flannel that is perfect now as an accessory but we could pair it with leggings and turn this into a comfy fall look. 

I was so surprised to see her fun a quirky style come to life in this outfit. I personally wouldn’t have put her in this outfit because it reminds me how much she’s growing. 

Comfy Transitions 

While Mila has a really quirky sense of style she’s also really into comfort. Just like her mama! These green cargo pants have easily become her favorite pair. She can go from zoom class meetings to getting some backyard sun pretty easily! This embroidered pullover is one of my favorites that Mila picked out. It’s also a perfect transitional outfit for summer to fall. 

With this back to school season being so stressful I wanted Mila to really get to have fun and be a kid. If there is anything that this year has taught me it’s to live and have fun every day. Our little ones probably won’t remember how many difficult decisions we as parents had to make but they will remember how they felt. Letting Mila explore online shopping with me and having her pick her own outfits was such a fun way to keep things light and show her a new skill!  I can’t wait to see how Mila’s style continues to develop over time! 

No matter what this school year looks like, Walmart is there for you and your family with amazingly low prices on everything you need to feel confident that you are sending your kids back at their very best.

Shop Mila’s back to school picks below: