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 Disclosure: Walmart sponsored this post; however, all the opinions expressed below are my own genuine opinions. 

Día de Los Muertos is a family tradition where we create an altar, or ofrenda, to honor our ancestors that have passed over into the afterlife. In Mexico, this two-day celebration of life starts on November first and ends on November second. 

We created our ofrenda this year to honor my Great Grandmother that passed away in 2007. While making this ofrenda, I remembered all of the memories that I hold dear of my Great Grandma, and I was so eager to share them with Mila. My favorite one would be when I would sit on the floor in front of her while she braided my hair and just talked to me. I hold the memories of all of the times we laughed until we cried around a table of food, made with so much love, close. 

Being able to share memories and traditions with my daughters has been one of the best ways to teach the girls about where our family comes from while creating new memories. I wanted to show the girls that there is still so much to celebrate and be grateful for even during hard times like these. 

Milas’s favorite part about making our ofrendas are all of the flowers and pan dulce we have around the house. We were able to find some affordable and beautiful additions to our ofrenda this year at Walmart! 

Walmart's broad assortment of items, everyday low prices, and convenient delivery and pickup options allowed us to focus more on creating memories around our ofrenda this year! 

I found some beautiful bowls, glasses, and sugar skulls that made this years ofrenda more meaningful. I linked all of the products we used below, and you can find tons more options here

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