Family Holiday Traditions | 10 Holiday Tree Chopping Tips

In the spirit of keeping our Christmas traditions alive, especially during such a rough year, we took a trip down to the Christmas tree farm to bring home our tree for the year. Last year the girls had such an amazing and memorable time that Mila asked if we were going to do it again this year, so when Chevy asked if I wanted to test out the 2021 Suburban, the stars aligned perfectly! 

I was so relieved when we got our tree last year that I wasn't allergic anymore, and the girls weren't allergic at all. I remember growing up I always wanted a real tree, but I could never have one. I am so happy that we were able to create a new family tradition with the girls, and hopefully, one they can pass down to their kids! 

Bella, our youngest, had a blast just playing in the mud like she always does, but taking pictures just isn't her thing right now. 

Since this was Jeff's second time cutting a tree he was a total pro, and the process of physically cutting the tree only took five minutes! If you're looking to cut down yours this year, or any year I've included some tips from Chevy below. They were extremely helpful both times we've made the trip to our favorite Christmas tree farm. 

Choosing our tree is probably the hardest part of it all! Last year we went with a blue ice tree, which is a paler shade of green and has a sweeter smell, almost like blueberries. We absolutely loved it, but since we have a higher ceiling we wanted a taller tree, so we opted for the Leyland tree. Leylands have softer fuller foliage, and a light but fresh scent. 

I really loved how spacious the 2021 Surburban was, especially with the captain row seats. It made towing around the kids, the wagon, the stroller, and the tree so easy! 

Holiday Tree Chopping Tips from Chevy: 

1. Be prepared: Always make sure to measure the space in your home and car so you know exactly what size tree will fit as you pick one out.  Don’t forget to leave enough room for the tree topper!

2. Stay warm: Bundle up, wear boots, and bring a pair of gloves to make sure you stay warm when chopping down your tree. Be sure to bring something to kneel on while you cut your tree down.

3. Choose Wisely: Most tree farms have a lot of options to choose from, so take your time and inspect the trees before you pick one out. The National Christmas Tree Association recommends testing out the branches to make sure the tree isn’t too dry or unhealthy.

4. Chop Chop: Cut your tree low to the ground and straight across. Have a buddy pull the tree slightly away from the side you’re cutting to prevent the saw from binding and make it easier to cut all the way through.

5. Use Cross-Rails: If available, properly installed cross rails on the roof of your vehicle are the preferred way to transport the tree home. Creating a hitching post with the roof rails makes it easier to tie the tree down.

6. Use a sleeve: All trees should be put into netting or a sleeve for easy transport. Make sure the tree isn’t longer than the roof of your car once wrapped up.

7. Stump first: With the tree in its proper sleeve, position the tree stump-end towards the front of your vehicle. It’s the most aerodynamic way to transport your tree home.

8. Tie it down tight: Lay your tree directly overtop the cross rails, loop twine over and around, and repeat to cinch with a “figure-8” motion. This will help protect the tree from moving around while you drive.

9. Stabilize the tree: You can always use more twine and crisscross across the street for extra support if you need it.

10. Don’t forget to water your tree: Make sure you put your tree into water immediately when you get home and place it away from heat sources like fireplaces or radiators that can dry it out. The tree will drink up a lot of water the first couple of days so make sure to constantly check on the water level throughout the season. Help keep it alive and healthy all holiday season long!