Easy Pantry Organization Tips For Busy Moms

This post was sponsored by Walmart. However, all the opinions expressed below are my own true opinions. 

The pantry is probably one of the most organized places in our house. Since I became a work-from-home mom about 2 years ago, we focused on making life a little more streamlined. That meant making snacks more accessible for the kids and really simplifying the space we had to make it easier for us to make meal choices. Organizing our pantry was the easiest way to accomplish that! 

1. Clear containers make all the difference 

Having clear containers gives your pantry a really cohesive and organized look without having to do too much! These Better Home and Gardens clear containers are my favorite ones and are super sturdy. They've taken a tumble once or twice and don't crack. 

2. Organize by product type

While this might be a no-brainer for most, grouping everything by category makes restocking and meal prepping a breeze. I can easily see what's running low, what snacks the kids like the most, and which ones I probably shouldn't re-buy anymore. 

3. Put snacks where little hands can reach 

I like to put the kids' snacks in bulk at the bottom and in these wire baskets. They make it easy to exercise their independence and grab a quick snack in between meals. 

4. Turntables are the best for tight spaces and condiments

I love these turntables for smaller corners in the pantry. I keep my oils and condiments on them for easy access. They also help reduce the amount of space they take up!

Walmart really is a one-stop-shop for all your organizational needs! The Home Edit recently launched a fantastic line of exclusive organizational products, you can check them out here. They are perfect for making your home organizing projects easy, chic, and affordable. 

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